Can You See The Game From Gallagher Square?

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View of game from Gallagher Square at Petco Park

View From Gallagher Square

Gallagher Square is the Park at the Park inside Petco Park. To enter during San Diego Padres games, you do need a ticket. It’s a fun place especially for kids and families. But what’s it like to actually watch the game.

Can you see the field? – Not entirely. But plenty. As long as you come with the right expectations. Listen, you are unmistakably at the ballpark. You do get that stadium vibe 100%. You can see big slices of the field as well as all the action on the exclusive Gallagher Square TV screen. But, is it easy to keep up with the pitch-by-pitch action? No. That’s not really what Gallagher Square is about. It’s about sitting back and relaxing. It’s about spreading out. It’s about being in San Diego.

Is it obstructed view? The view is technically somewhat obstructed but in most cases, what you are looking at is prettier than the field: palm trees, city skyline, etc. And the giant TV screen more than compensates.

The view is also at a bit of a distance. Further than the outfield wall and then set back even further. But elevated up on a hill.

Tip: To score the best view, claim your spot early.

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