Petco Park Jobs 2021 | Work for the San Diego Padres

Looking for job opportunities at Petco Park? Now is the time to apply! Petco Park is home to more than 800 full-time and part-time employees.

Petco Park is an incredible place to work if you love baseball, sports, or San Diego, with recent job openings and careers in ballpark operations, sales, guest services, payroll and more, as well as Padres internships. You can’t help but feel the pride from being a part of the Padres organization at such a famous stadium, surrounded by the game of baseball in sunny San Diego. And the Padres are hiring!

How to Apply – For the latest information on finding a San Diego Padres-related job opening at Petco Park in 2021, view available positions and application opportunities posted here. That would be a good place to start!

Additionally, try calling Ace Parking 619-231-9501
 or Aramark 619-795-5730.

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