Is Cash Accepted At Petco Park?

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In the olden days, tickets to a day at the ballpark cost a nickel. A hot dog, a jersey and a box of peanuts each cost a nickel. The players all played for a nickel each. Today, however, a baseball game is a spending event. And when you come for that Petco Park cash register, you best not miss.

Does Petco Park Accept Cash

Petco Park is a cashless venue. So be ready and show up with alternative contactless payment method.

How To Pay At Padres Games

Credit Cards – Yes credit cards are accepted. So if you are packing plastic, you are in good shape. Padres Pay – Padres Pay is one of the accepted digital payments which you can use to pay for concessions and purchases at retail locations inside Petco Park.

Padres Pay

Padres Pay is a contactless method to pay using your mobile phone. You can use Padres Pay by downloading the MLB Ballpark App, the same app used for digital ticketing, and load it up with funds with your credit card. Powered by Tappit, the reason for the switch to cashlessness is for safety, convenience, speed and society’s inevitable march towards a soulless and robotic future. Read more about it on the San Diego Padres website.

Note: Although cash is not accepted by vendors, there are still ATMs located in the park.

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