What is the Toyota Terrace?

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Toyota Terrace at Petco ParkPetco Park has three physical tiers of seating, and on the second level you will find the Toyota Terrace. These seats offer club seating with a great view, plenty of comfortable shade on a hot summer day, and some of the nicest amenities of any seats in the San Diego Padres ballpark.

Where are your seats located?

First things first, determine which section of Toyota Terrace are you sitting:
  • Toyota Terrace VIP – Sections TV 201 – 204
  • Toyota Terrace Infield – Sections TI 205 – 210
  • Toyota Terrace Reserved – Sections TR 211 – 217
  • Toyota Terrace Pavillion – Sections TP 218 – 223
Like all of Petco Park, the odd-numbered sections are on the first base side of the stadium, even-numbered sections are on the 3rd base side.

What’s the difference?

The difference between VIP, Infield and Reserved is location. Toyota Terrace VIP are some of the nicest seats to watch the Padres. The view from behind home plate is incredible, the seats are comfortable, in-seat service is luxurious. The smaller rows mean fewer people, less chance of bonking elbows with drunken rogues, overall more intimacy.

If you want to sit right above the dugout, that’s the Toyota Terrace Infield. These seats are really just as good as VIP and offer the perk of a free baseball (if you are lucky enough to catch a foul ball. Toyota Terrace Reserved is perched over the 1st and 3rd base, offering a pretty incredible perspective of all the action.

Toyota Terrace Level Perks & Amenities

On the Toyota Terrace Level, restaurants and bars of note include Club .394, a tribute to San Diego Padres’ great Tony Gwynn (between sections 213 & 215) that has been there since the ballpark opened in 2004, Board & Brew, Blue Water Seafood and the Coronado Club with some of the stadium’s most gorgeous views of the San Diego Bay.

Is it worth the cost? Toyota Terrace seats are all about comfort. If you like the idea of staying cool in the shade and protected from the hot sun, and want to enjoy the best amenities Petco Park has to offer, this section may be for you.

To get a clearer view of the seats and sections in Toyota Terrace, view the detailed seating chart.

Toyota Terrace Tickets

Want to sit in the Toyota Terrace? Look for available tickets overlaid on the Petco Park seating chart: VividSeats.

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