What is the Padres radio station?

Baseball on the radio is a timeless experience. If you want to hear the Padres and can’t make it to the game, here are the San Diego stations that broadcast games on the air:

Padres Radio Announcers

For 2021, the radio announce team on 97.3 FM includes Ted Leitner and Jesse Agler, who will call both home and road games this pandemic-strained season.

In Spanish, en español, Eduardo Ortega and former Padres catcher Carlos Hernandez.

Spring Training on the Radio

The following games from 2021 spring training will be broadcast on the radio:
2/28 Seattle Mariners at 12:00 pm
3/6 Los Angeles Dodgers at 12:00 pm
3/7 Kansas City Royals at 12:00 pm
3/13 Arizona Diamondbacks at 12:00 pm
3/14 Cincinnati Reds at 1:00 pm
3/17 Chicago Cubs at 6:00 pm
3/20 Los Angeles Dodgers at 1:00 pm
3/21 Los Angeles Angels at 1:00 pm
3/24 San Francisco Giants at 7:00 pm
3/25 Texas Rangers at 6:30 pm
3/26 Seattle Mariners at 6:30 pm
3/27 Los Angeles Angels at 12:00 pm
3/28 Cleveland Indians at 1:00 pm

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