Padres Batting Practice Pregame Schedule

For an extra treat, come early and watch the Padres pre-game warm-ups and batting practice.
Batting practice starts approximately 2-3 hours before the first pitch. The Padres take an hour and then the visiting team gets 45 minutes. Then each team engages in 10 minutes of pregame infield warm-ups. The routines end 30 minutes prior to the game’s scheduled start.

For example, on a 1:40 gameday, the Padres would begin practice at 11:05. A 5:40 game would have the Padres take the field for early batting practice at 3:05. And for a 7:10 start, the Padres being batting practice at 4:30pm.

Note: On Sunday home games, the Padres usually do not participate in batting practice.

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