Gallagher Square (Park at the Park)

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Like the Western Metal Supply Building, Gallagher Square (nee Park at the Park) at Petco Park is one of the creative quirks that makes attending a San Diego Padres game a unique experience.

Lawn Seating Tickets

Tickets for Gallagher Square seating are around $25 but range from approximately $15-$$$. Prices flex based on demand and quality of the Padres opponent, but its still one of the better bargains out there for families at Petco! All tickets are general admission / standing room only, so do not be confused. The general admission lawn passes are the only option. You may see or hear tickets to this section referred to as PATP (which stands for Park At The Park).

Gallagher Square is the Park At The Park

Located outside the outfield wall but inside the Petco gates (so you do need a ticket on Padres game days), Gallagher Square is a grassy area of approximately 2.8 acres. It contains a mini little league infield diamond, trees, a statue of Padres great Tony Gwynn, and lots of area to sprawl out to picnic and play. Bring a blanket!

Who Is Gallagher Square Name After

Prior to the 2020 season, the park was rebranded from “Park at the Park” to “Gallagher Square.” The Gallagher in question is not a person, Gallagher is a global insurance brokerage, risk management and consulting services firm. That’s right, you just got hit with a sponsored brand impression.

Gallagher’s connection to America’s Finest City is “hundreds of clients and employees throughout the greater San Diego area.” And as of the inking of this multi-year deal, they are the San Diego Padres’ official insurance broker and benefits consultant. They are also sponsors of the Chairman’s Club. It will forever be called the Park at the Park by headstrong locals, purists and the lazy.

Is Gallagher changing the shape to a square or is it still a rectangle

It does feel like a rectangle but if you look on the map it is in fact a square. Kids should be sure to know, every square is a rectangle. But the name Gallagher’s Rectangle sounds too much like a prog rock album or a piece of prop comedy from the 1970s.

Speaking of shapes, Gallagher has invested in the kids miniature baseball diamond in Gallagher Square to make it more durable and long-lasting.

Park at the Park

Can You See The Game?

Yes and no. Can you see the field? Not really? I mean yes of course. Well sort of. Listen, you are unmistakably at the ballpark. You do get that stadium vibe 100%. You can see big slices of the field as well as all the action on the exclusive Gallagher Square TV screen. But, is it easy to keep up with the pitch by pitch action? No. That’s not really what the Park at the Park is about. It’s about families. It’s about spreading out. It’s about being in San Diego.

Can I bring chairs?

The same rules on bringing chairs to Petco Park apply to Gallagher Square: Beach chairs, rigid lawn chairs, any seating with a hard or firm frame are not allowed. You can bring blankets, towels and cushions if you are not comfortable sitting directly on the lawn.

For more details, see what you are and are not allowed to bring.

Do my children need tickets to enter?

Yes. Children need tickets to attend games in the Gallagher Square unless they are under 36 inches. Children under 36 inches can enter Petco Park free without a ticket. (This is true in regular sections as well, as long as they sit on your lap and do not occupy a seat.)

Gallagher Square Concessions

Don’t worry, mamas and dads, there is plenty of access to beer vendors in the Park at the Park (a frequently asked question). In fact you have freedom to access all of Petco Park’s concessions throughout the ballpark. Note: you can now bring outside food again. How about a picnic?

New Concert Venue

In 2019, the Padres and Live Nation unveiled the new Sycuan Stage, a concert venue inside the Park At The Park. The venue has committed to at least eight national acts annually.

Social Distancing

In 2021, the COVID-19 pandemic created the need for social distancing in the Park at the Park. Socially distanced pods have been painted on the grass for groups up to 6 people.

Gallagher Square Social Distancing - Click for source

When games are not going on, all are welcome to visit Gallagher Square. It is free and open to the public and enjoyed as a local neighborhood park in downtown San Diego. Pets are welcome when there are no games as long as they are on a leash.

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