Orange Tier + Attending Padres games in 2021

As the light at the end of the COVID-19 pandemic tunnel glimmers in the distance, there will be fans in attendance at Petco Park this season! Check for any available tickets.
Also check StubHub for prices.

Upcoming Games

Limited Capacity

At this time, capacity for the 2021 baseball season at Petco Park has been raised from 20% to approximately 17,000 fans, roughly 33% of the ballpark’s capacity for Opening Day 2021 . This is in line with California COVID restrictions and guidelines for sports venues, so long as we are in the “orange” tier: Furthermore, the state of California will allow 67% capacity in designated Vaccinated/Negative Test seating sections where fans 13 and older are either fully vaccinated or show proof of a negative COVID-19 test administered before the game. All fans must wear masks. The next tier after that would double capacity to 67%, which would amount to nearly 30,000 fans in attendance at the stadium. Only in the “green tier” could a full stadium become a reality. SD Padres CEO Erik Greupner has said he hopes for full capacity at some point in the season.

Get Tickets

As Padres tickets become available, you can snatch them up at market value here: Buy Tickets. Be sure to also check inventory on StubHub.

Social Distancing at Petco Park

The experience at Petco Park in 2021 will certainly require changes and cooperation from those fans who do get to attend. This will include wearing a mask, spaced pods of seating and perhaps even temperature checks at the gate. On the Padres side, the stadium would intensify their cleaning regimen and sanitation stations (never a bad thing at a baseball park), and rely on contactless entry / digital tickets / mobile concessions. MLB has said it will not require testing or proof of vaccination for fans in attendance. But added that these league guidelines could change pending any major advancement in technology. Specifics will then fall to the individual teams and their ballparks, who will outline their own protocols for letting

Public Or Just Season Ticket Holders

Padres Season Ticket Members have first rights to their seats. No announcement has been made to open up tickets to the rest of the fan base. Tickets always seem to pop up on secondary markets awaiting the highest bidder, as well as in the hands of your brother-in-law, the dentist, who you will never let you forget the favor. There are an estimated 14,000 San Diego Padres season ticket holders. As such, it is unlikely any single-game tickets will be on sale in the first two months of the season. As the COVID vaccine becomes more available and accessible in SD and our community continues to adhere to spread-reduction behaviors, the expectation is that MLB capacities will increase throughout the season. No word yet on cardboard cutouts.

MLB Ballpark App

To navigate the touchless, digital-heavy experience at Petco Park, you will need to download the free MLB Ballpark App.

Its surely a glass half-full/half-empty situation so view it as you like. At least the games are being played!

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