Padres Face Masks

COVID-19 continues to spread in our community and throughout the world. It is each individual’s responsibility to step up and do his or her part. Protect yourself and others so we can reopen schools, businesses and our beautiful sports venues and tell the coronavirus and all its variants to hit the showers for good.

Masks / face coverings will be required at Petco Park this season. If you believe the virus is a hoax, did you consider this science? Masks reduce the spread of beer burps and hot dog breath nearly 85%.

You have to wear a mask so you might as well use it to make a statement. And there is no better statement than showing your pride as a San Diego Padres fan.

Here are a few of our favorites for 2021. Buy yours today and wear it with pride:
San Diego Padres Face Mask
Masks Required
Slam Diego
California Bear
Jungle Print

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