car2go & Padres Games Downtown

car2go at San Diego Padres gameWhat’s the deal with those little blue and white vehicles scooting around downtown San Diego? Is this a viable option for getting to a Padres game? We say yes! [Updated: In 2016, car2go packed up their little monorail cars and left town.
Where are the dedicated parking spaces reserved for car2go vehicles near Petco Park located?
  • 633 Ninth Avenue (in front of the car2go office)
  • North west corner of 7th & Island (across the street from the Blind Burro restaurant)
  • North west corner of 8th & Market (directly next to J Wok restaurant)

Need a charge? On the rare occasion that you’ll need to juice up your electric vehicle, there is a station right near Petco Park located at 10th & Market.

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